This site represents a collection of original oil paintings by Brent Erickson of Alexandria, Virginia that range from still life to landscape, figure and portrait.  All paintings come ready for hanging with high quality custom wood frames.  Unless otherwise noted frames  come with metal or gold leaf finish with a medium rub. Prices do not include shipping. To view the paintings click on the "paintings" button above.


Contact the artist at:  Stikaeric@gmail.com


It is ironic that to achieve convincing realism, one must think in the most abstract of ways... To do otherwise is to fall into the trap of seeing only what is expected. (Janine Parsons)

Realism is condemned by those artists whose poverty of technique does not permit them to express it. (Walter J. Phillips


Realism has to be such high quality, you can't fake it. It's all hanging out there like the laundry. (Nelson Shanks


Recent Work

Natura Morta: Sharp Shinned Hawk
Dala Hast Trio
Dala Hast 1
Man Overboard
Trader Joe's Peonies
Grandpa's Oil Can